Windows Skydrive Advantages On Windows 8


Microsoft jumped to compete with other cloud file storage services by combining SkyDrive with windows 8.  It is also available on various other platforms like Mac, IOS, Android, Windows Phone.

The present best is Dropbox but when you  ask with the SkyDrive users with old account they got 25gb free so that makes SkyDrive much better option for its size unlike Dropbox or any other cloud storage service with offers much less size for free. Now the SkyDrive has its android, ios , apps that makes it even more better.

 Now let’s have a look on some of the SkyDrive features.

  • If you want to purchase more storage than you will get 20 GB for 10$ and it’s the cheapest when you compare it with icloud or Amazon cloud drive .
  • You can edit your word files in your browser itself with SkyDrive account , it is good for the students as all the universities have windows O.S and SkyDrive comes with windows 8 so no need to install any other software . you can easily manage your PowerPoint presentation between your home  and school make changes  anywhere .
  •  SkyDrive supports 92+ languages and that is much more than any other file hosting service.
  • You can decide the privacy of your file with public for private sharing.

Microsoft with its continuous advancement, is making SkyDrive to start compete with the best in the market .

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