Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

 I know after buying a laptop and several months passes and you start thinking that do i am using laptop battery in a right way, what i can do to Increase Laptop battery life.

This is very important topic so please read these points to extend your laptop battery life :

  • Do not Keep your laptop in too much of hot or cold temperatures.infodevz
  • Always use less screen brightness ,so dim your screen.
  • Always regularly defrag of your hard drive , it will remove any bad sectors from your hard drive which may affect your laptop battery life.
  • Switch off bluetooth or wireless when not in use.
  • Do not keep your battery uncharged for long time.
  • Do not keep many programs running in background.
  • By Increasing your laptop RAM you can also increase your battery life.
  • Improper handling of your battery may decrease your laptop battery life.

These are some useful tips to increase your laptop battery. If you have a Lenovo laptop that it comes with battery management toolkit so please configure according to your usage habits.

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