Tips To Increase Your Android Smartphone Battery Life

Yes this is important to know for all android users , usually android enabled Smartphone do not have good battery life. So here are the tips you can try to extend your mobile battery life:

  • You can install apps like “watchdog task manager” to monitor your mobile CPU usages.infodevz
  • Dim your screen brightness.
  • Remove any background app that you are not using.
  • If you are not using Bluetooth or wireless than switch it off.
  • “Live wallpaper” looks good but drains battery life.
  • Before downloading any new app from market just check the app’s battery demands.
  • Syncing your android too much will also drain battery life.

You can also install smartphone apps like “juice defender-battery saver” to your android which will help to increase battery life.

In the market there are many types of battery available not official from branded company but they increases battery life upto 50% more than what comes with phone , but there is no guarantee that how long that battery comes that’s why it is advisable that you stick with the orignal battery as it will lasts longer.

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