Streaming iTunes Digital Copies from PC to Your iPhone or iPod Touch

Let’s say you purchase a DVD coming with a digital copy disc and redemption code, you can download the contents from the digital copy disc to iTunes program on your computer, and then transfer the copy to your iPhone or iPod touch for on-the-go viewing. However, if I tell you that you can easily stream the digital copy to itunes accountyour iPhone or iPod touch over Wi-Fi or Internet with a free media streaming app.Today I will teach you how to stream digital copies to your iPhone or iPod touch step by step.

1).  Place your digital copy disc into your computer’s CD/DVD drive. Open iTunes program, then you should see the DVD icon has appeared on the left side of the iTunes program’s window. Just hit the DVD icon, type the redemption code and then click Redeem button to start transferring the contents of the disc to your iTunes movie library. Wait until the transfer is done.

Tip: For the DVD without an iTunes digital copy, you can turn to this DVD ripper. With it, you can rip the audio & video contents off disc, and copy them to local hard disk. After that, you can import the DVDrip file to iTunes movie library.

2).Download a free iOS app named Air Playit. After installing this app on your Apple device, this app will make your Apple device easily access the video & audio files located on your computer via local Wi-Fi, remote Wi-Fi, or 3G/4G network.

3).Go to the official website of Air Playit, and then download and install the free Air Playit server on your computer. After that, run the server, click on the Shared Folders tab, then click Import iTunes Playlist button located at the bottom of the windows to add your playlist into the shared folder.

4). Now, open the Air Play app on your iPhone or iPod touch by touching on the Air Play icon on your main menu. After running, tapping the “+” button you will see all the servers you have running. Click the Local Server to connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer via local network while click the Add Remote Serve to let your iPhone or iPod touch talk about your computer via 3G/4G network.

5).Select the folder which stores your DVD digital copies in your shared folder, choose the copy file you want to view and click Play on your iPhone or iPod touch. Done!

This is guest post by : Edwin Liu

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