Some Unknown Gmail Tips

There are many things that you may don’t know as a Gmail user ,so here are those tips that may help you to enhance your Gmail experience to the next level:gmail tips

  • Boomerang: very useful app not from google but very useful.Now what it does is that ,with it installed in your pc you can schedule your email when you want to send it. You just have to compose and choose date. So just go to Boomerang website and install boomerang and watch a demo video.
  • shortcut keys:there are many shortcut keys in google which nobody uses like c – compose new mail j – go to previous mail etc. so go to google support to find more keys.
  • Gmelius: another extension for your browser which will remove all unwanted ads from Gmail so you can concentrate only on Gmail and not on ads.
  • Recently Gmail has new way of composing mail so after opening Gmail pop up comes that you want to switch to news Gmail than check yes ,after that when you click compose instead of new window reloads for composing mail it will open in same windows like chat box.
  • You can chat nine people at once in Gmail.

These are some must use tips , I hope you will enjoy it.

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