Smartphone Tethering Apps From Android Market

One of the biggest advantages of Smartphone is that you can use it as a modem and use your Smartphone device as your internet modem, technically which is known as Smartphone tethering.

Tethering was also done before with normal mobile phones but it was not very good, with the help of android Smartphone apps you can do tethering in very easy way.

Now you just have to go to android market and download any good tethering app from many choices and connect your Smartphone with laptop or pc , which will transfer your mobile internet to your laptop device. so here are some of the best tethering apps from android market.infodevz

  • ClockworkMod tether (no root) : after viewing user reviews it looked like it gives good speed , it is downloaded by huge android users. It is not for t-mobile users as reports are not good for them but apart from it is one of the best around.
  • AUTO USB Tethering : another tethering app trusted by many users,  you should give it a try.
  • PdaNet : The most popular tethering apps with over 6 million android users .

When it comes to tethering your Smartphone we advise you to use only the above apps till date, but two things you should remember that these apps always drains your Smartphone battery specially if you use any wireless and Bluetooth tether and secondly please don’t aspect a fast internet speed with these apps , use them in emergency.


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