Samsung Comparison With Other Smartphone

Apple iPhone was king of smartphones for many years until Samsung came up with its revolutionary smartphone Samsung galaxy s2  , and now recently Samsung launched Samsung galaxy s4 to take fight to apple iPhone 5 .

So what things does make Samsung so much valuable among all smartphone companies :infodevz

  • First thing that strikes with Samsung is that they constantly do innovations like they introduced Samsung youm flexible display smartphone so these types of innovations is what makes them a tough player in the market.
  • The marketing done by Samsung is best because there are many smartphone available with same specs and price in the market but still people are attracted more towards Samsung.
  • ¬†Specification wise Samsung offers best smartphone like Samsung galaxy s4 .
  • If you hold smartphone like galaxy s3 or s4 than it really feels like holding a premium gadget.
  • Slightly cheaper than iPhone
  • The level of customization you get from Samsung smartphone is very good.

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