Profits of E-commerce Websites

With the evolution of the social media the use of internet is increased widely and with it evolution of E-commerce Websites like Amazon,Ebay,flipcart etc .Now every seller wants to sell its products online and wants to have its own personal E-commerce Website. So here are the advantages the seller & buyer both gets with E-commerce platform:infodevz

For Seller:

  • Cheaper than selling it physically.
  • Promotion is easy.
  • Sell products internationally rather than within a particular area.
  • Huge market than a bricks and mortar store.
  • Better revenue earning.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Need not to have a physical store.
  • Website cost is lower than to have a real store.
  • Finishes Processing error.

For buyer:

  • Buyer gets products for cheap & with heavy discounts.
  • Free Home delivery available in almost all e-commerce online store.
  • Buy products internationally via credit, debit card easily.
  • Good security system are now available dedicated for online stores.
  • Buyer takes better decisions.
  • Products with warranty are available.

Thus e-commerce platform helping out both seller & buyer .

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