Privnote : Share Your Notes Securely Online

Its good not to share your personal info online but what you will do if you have to share it online .You will be completely scared that someone will steal your information but there is a website which will self destruct your note after being read by the reader . Privnote is very useful for anyone who want to share any secret info through secure notesinternet .

There is a notification box  near the note writing box and if you tick it than the website will make sure that whenever your message will be read you will get a notification for it through email.

This website is available in 7 different languages to choose from including france , portuguese etc . privnote is a free service and no registration required to send message. All you have to do is write a message that you want to share privately with anyone and then you will get a link to share message.

One interesting thing about self destruct message Is that once a person reads it no one can read again that message not even the same person to whom we share a message link. So its only one time readable message.

So just try and use it and don’t forget to read its faq.

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