Photomontager : Imagine Your Dreams With It

Yes that’s right , when I first saw this website I was stunned really & I am 100% sure you will also after visiting photomontager . Just to justify this I made a sample pic from this site.

You can use thousands of montages from this site and use anywhere .They have created  many categories like Love, Movies, Food, Billboard etc. There is website like photomontager known as imagechef where you will find similar kind of stuff but I prefer photomontager because it has the most varieties and quality than anyone.

If you own a website or you are a developer than you can use photomontager API to insert beautiful montages in your website , to do that you just have to fill a form to contact admin their to show where you are using there montages . they will give an iframe code to embedding in your site.

You can judge the popularity of photomontager by there Facebook fanpage following with 102m likes.

So start making your own montages and also you can fool your friends with it.

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