Mouse Not Working On Laptop In Windows 8

After the launch of windows 8 there are many problems and glitches occurred in the new O.S of Microsoft. One of the problem which has occurred is that the mouse suddenly got stopped working.

There may be many reasons of why it may occur, so if your mouse also suddenly stop’s working than check these instructions one by one:

  • Just go to device manager and check whether by mistake your mouse driver got uninstalled.
  • If your drivers are installed than restart your laptop.
  • If it is a USB mouse than plug out and plug-in again.
  • Check for windows update for your mouse because if you are using an old mouse than there may be a compatibility issue with windows 8.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and find out drivers for your mouse.
  • Check for virus on your laptop.
  • Go to Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Mouse and check setting of your mouse.

If these methods does not work that means there may be hardware problem in your mouse so now go and buy a windows 8 compatible USB mouse.

I know that you will panic if you are a new computer user and you don’t know what to do next If your computer mouse not working, when there is any fault occurs in input device there may be a problem with your mouse , system hardware or O.S .

Further if your mouse not behaving correctly you should also note down these points to help you outinfodevz

  • If your mouse is suddenly stopped while you are working in windows 8 than quickly save your work by pressing ctrl+s .
  • If you are having the trackball mouse than you should clean its cavity from a cotton cloth
  • Misbehaving mouse may also be a result of a corrupt driver. So go to manufacturer site and download it.
  • If you see and yellow color icon or any uninstalled driver icon than reinstall driver.
  • If you previously plugged in a new device to windows 8 than may be that device and your mouse are conflicting each other.
  • If you a one key recovery feature in your laptop than you can use that also.
  • Lastly you can plug your misbehaving mouse onto another system to check it is windows 8 problem.

For best results you should always clean your mouse like you clean your laptop screen and remove the cavity from mouse ball or outside mouse.


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