Major iPhone 5 Improvements

Before upgrading to iPhone 5 please have a look at these differences between iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

  • Built Design: iPhone 5 is lighter,Thinner, & Bigger than iPhone 4s. iPhone 5 has anodized aluminum shell which is the same thing that Apple uses on their notebooks.
  • Processor Speed : with new apple A6 chip the new iPhone has 2x more speed than 4s.
  • Better camera: the camera quality is improved in the ┬áiPhone 5 and has ability to take good photos under low light .
  • Battery life: iPhone 5 has not done much improvement on battery life as only talktime of 3g and standby time increased than its previous versions.

These were some major changes in the new iPhone 5 , but after some days of launching it has been seen that users are reviewing that there is not such a major change they are expecting and this is not considered as apple great effort in bringing iPhone 5 .

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