Lumia Update 7.8 Advantages

There is a good news for all Nokia lumia smartphone owners that they will be getting lumia 7.8 update which will include many new exiting features of windows 8 smartphone to windows 7 smartphone.the list of all those features are like:

  • Fresh new start screen with which you can resize your tiles according to your needs.infodevz
  • Some performance improvements have been done.
  • You can now share your files through Bluetooth.
  • Users reports that there is slightly increase in the battery backup.
  • Increased security features to protect your smartphone even better.
  • there is increase in language support .
  • Skype integration is added too.

If you are not able to update using your phone than you may have to force your lumia to do update by connecting lumia to Zune

and disconnecting internet , than when lumia says connection not available reconnect internet hopefully you will find update flash. This little trick worked for many users and it may work for you also.

The bug may be in the Zune software that is not able to recognize your device due to that you have to force it to do update. It is also advisable that to try changing sim to different carrier if you are too desperate for the update.

Not all the update you receive are good , it has been reported that users are facing battery draining faster than before ,so think before you update and if you really want to update than you should go to nearest Nokia center.

Update: Few days after the launching windows 7.8 update the Nokia tweeted that they have found out some minor bug and has paused the 7.8 update to users but after the launching of windows 8 phones this problem is also resolved and users now easily getting there 7.8 updates and very happy.


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