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learn languageThe innovations on smart phones over the years are getting better and more complex. It has turned from a luxury into a necessity. Today, it seems everybody including children owns a smartphone. It has become a part of day to day living of most of us.

Developers and software creators have found a way to make a positive gain out of this alarming statistics. Mobile Application Developers are making smartphone applications that give productivity and provide education to different users. Such educational applications are designed to enhance intelligence and stimulate the brain. One type of educational applications is the Language Education Applications. These are applications that aid users to learn foreign languages through their smartphones. Using different and enjoyable platforms and styles, Language Learning applications allows users to learn foreign languages in a calm and enjoyable manner.


Now you can learn how to speak and read different languages and the best thing about it is that it is all in your smartphones. The 50 Android App can now be downloaded from Google Play Store for free. The application provides 100 lessons that will teach users to speak, read and write 50 different languages fluently.

50 is an educational smartphone application that provides a mix of audio and text contents that will make it easy for users to learn 50 different languages.  The 50 Languages corresponds to the Common levels A1 and A2 of European Framework and is therefore suitable for all types of schools and students. It is available in over 40 languages and in approximately 1600 language combinations. The application provides a handy reference for students, professionals, tourists and all types of individuals allowing them to access the lessons anywhere whether they are waiting for the bus, jogging, eating, or in bed.

50 Languages is consists of 100 lessons of 40 languages and over 1600 combined languages with word vocabulary, translations and sentence formation modules. Although there have been a number of users who gave poor feedback’s for the new application, however, majority of the users loves 50 Languages.


A smartphone application has gain fame amongst Android and iOS users because of the unique platform and strategy that it is using to educate users. The Doulingo application is designed to make language education fun for users making language education a recreation rather than a task.

Duolingo is a free application for Android and iOS users to download from the Play Store and Apple Store. Duolingo in the application is an interactive owl who calls himself Duo. Duo helps users to register and choose what language they like to learn. Once registered and logged in, Duo the owl starts the step by step module that will help the user learn the chosen language in the easiest, enjoyable and fastest way possible. Duolingo provides users language education access anywhere and anytime.

In the Duolingo official website, the developers emphasize the no fee, no payment, no hassle assurance. They also claim that the application has been scientifically proven to enhance language education.  Duolingo application can also be linked to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus making it more fun because the application  has also a gaming platform where users need to level up and will be posted in the social networking sites.


Courses 123 offers different way of language education. This free application for smartphone and iOS  users provides accurate and precise learning and educative materials for users in any profession, any age group and any educational level. Amazingly, just by playing with it in your phone anywhere and anytime it slowly fills up the brain with the information to make the users more fluent to the foreign language they choose as they open Courses 123.

The application is more of a level up game where users start at level 0. As the game progresses and users succeed with given exercises, they will move up a level at a time. The level of a user is more or less equivalent to his progress in learning the language. As your level moves up, the fluency to a particularly language also becomes better.

Courses123 is a free application but a better professional or premium application is available which contains more exercises and more fun packs for language education.


A new mobile application teaches language education in a funny, yet productive way. The Language Learning application for iOS and Android phones provides a basic and precised language module that helps users to learn and understand different foreign languages through their mobile phones. There are up to 6 different types of language teaching modules staring like the flashcards, wordlist, quiz mode, pronunciation mode, and deck manager.

Language Learning also has a dictionary and translator where users are able to find many different languages for their reference. The application is designed to cater all types of users and age group.


A simple yet useful application has been developed for Android smartphones. The new application provides a handy reference for different languages. The Word Store Language Learning Android application allows users to store and record foreign words in the application’s memory cache with the words translation and meaning allowing users to easily locate them for future reference and familiarization.

Word Store Language Learning Application is free for download in the Google Play Store. The application has been rated 4 to 5 stars by users and graced with positive feedback’s since it has been made available in Play Store.

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