HTC SENSE : Overview

Sense is a software suite which was developed by the HTC organization for its android devices. It was launched after the TouchFLO 3D software which was used in the Windows based phones launched by HTC. This software suite was mainly launched to provide the user a new and exciting Android experience. It brings with it various additional features like altered home screen and keyboard, additional apps and widgets. It brings with it redesigned apps which not only uplifts the interest of the users in using the apps but also makes it much more enjoyable and easy. Along with the added features, it also improved the functionality and performance of the android phones produced by HTC which has helped it in gaining good demand in this competitive market. HTC has been updating with the various new versions of this software suite to keep up the quality and provide a more visually appealing user interface than before.

The first device with Sense launched was HTC Hero in the year 2009 and after that HTC did not have to look back. All the android devices launched by HTC after Hero had Sense except HTC First, Nexus One and T-Mobile G2. Soon in the year 2010, HTC came up with an upgradable version of Sense which was used in Desire and Legend. Apps like Facbook, Twitter were aggregated and the home screen was given a new look and function. HTC came up with more upgradable versions that updated the lock screen, allowed easy pinning of the applications for quicker access thereby providing a reliable and enjoyable mobile environment. It gave a new look and easy handling environment in the android phones of HTC.

It is expected that HTC comes up with more upgradable versions of the Sense in the near future to give its users better experience of mobile handling and mobile technology than before. HTC Sense has definitely helped HTC a lot in gaining popularity and demand of its android phones which was made HTC a sustainable unit in the highly competitive mobile market of the world.

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