HTC One Max: is it worth your money ?

Before the introduction and release of the HTC One Max, HTC One was hailed by most tech blogs like Tech Crunch, Engadget, CNet and others as the best Android phone on the Market. With market saturated with all sizes of smartphones the release of the HTC One Max was seen as an attempt by HTC to make a dent in less dense “Phablet market”, where Samsung, LG and Sony reign.

The HTC One Max is not just a blown out HTC One. Indeed, the HTC One Max carries over some fine features from the One, but goes on to add some extra unique and great features to make the HTC One Max stand out.

Build and Design Quality

It’s a 5.90-inch smartphone with a resolution of 1080*1920. It is packed with a front facing camera of 2.1 megapixel and the rear camera is 4 Ultrapixel.

Unlike the HTC one that is built with singular block of anodized aluminum giving it a beautiful unibody design. The One Max on the other hand has a white polycarbonate band that holds the front and the back aluminum parts together. Moreover, apart from the on board internal storage of 16GB with a 2GB RAM size, there is room for an expandable MicroSD Card of up to 64GB. The battery has a capacity of 3300mAh is not removal and weighs 217g. The talk available is up to 25 hours for 3G. The phone does not come with a stylus.

The Fingerprint scanner located at the back of this phone is one of the unique features that was added. With practice and learning to swipe your finger over the scanner in the “natural” way over the scanner, you can get this scanner to work in a couple of seconds unlike the time you would have spent to type in your password. One unique feature about the fingerprint scanner of the HTC One Max, unlike the Touch ID of the iPhone 5S is, you can assign a quick launch for different apps with different fingers.


The software available on the HTC One Max is the Sense 5.5, which is built on Android 4.3. Apart from the BlinkFeed that the Sense 5.5 provides, there is a “Do Not Disturb” mode available too. Moreover, the BlinkFeed now adds support for RSS feeds, Google +, keyboard-custom topics and offline reading mode. Sense 5.5 also retains other familiar apps that were available for Sense 5 like SenseTV, the easy to use Kid Mode, Car app UI, Polaris Office 5 and stocks.


The HTC One Max is not as impressive as the HTC One, it seems HTC just wanted to cash out on the markets love for the HTC One. Nevertheless, for “Phablet” lovers this is a good bargain for your money.

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