Handover your online accounts with legacy locker after you die


Yes that’s true, at first you will be feeling tensed by seeing the title of the post but there is a very useful site known as legacy locker who have come with unique ideas behind this site.

Have you ever thought that what will happen to all your Facebook,twitter,Gmail etc accounts after you die , well now with website legacy locker you can securly give access to your all online accounts to any of your loved ones .what you have to do is register with legacy locker and then you have to nominate two or more than two of your trusted ones to whom you want to hand over with your accounts, and one of them will be able to retrieve all your accounts after your death.

So you are thinking that how this process works after your death , firstly the person to whom you nominated have to verify themselves by confirming that the account holder(you) has died ,legacy locker also require certified copy of the individual’s death certificate .once that is received , they begin the process of alerting any beneficiaries & they also do their verification process of identifying that the nominated person is eligible to get access to account information.

This may seem to be little complicated but the verification process is important after all it will consist your valuable information such as life insurance, property, jewelry, cars, or other valuables.

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