Google: A competitive Warrior

Yes you read it right, Google is always fighting with its rivals and always Google wins the warrior

Here are some points that will satisfy the title of this article:

  • Google first had its competition with yahoo mail and Google mail has now more registered members than yahoo mail.
  • Google has won race from many other top search engines like yahoo, baidu, bing etc. Google is the best search engine today.
  • Google now brought Google+ to go ahead of king of social networking sites i.e. “Facebook”. Google+ is increasing more rapidly than Facebook according to recent survey.
  • Google brought up with Google nexus 7 tablet to fight with Apple tablet. Google nexus 7 now is the most powerful tablet due to its configuration.
  • Google recently launched new feature called “Google drive” & now we can safely store our stuffs in the Google cloud storage with the same email login id.
  • Who can forget the famous Google “Android Operating System”. It has changed the world of Smartphone with the android interface and millions of apps from android market.

So whats the secret that Google wins race every time??

I will give you the answer ,and the secret behind Google so much success in every field is its “INOVATION” .Every time they come up with different idea & that makes them different.

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