Find My Iphone ?

find my iphoneThis is very depressing situation if you have lost your valuable iPhone. This is more painful situation, if someone has stolen your iPhone and you had enormous valuable data in that. A person, who will get your phone, can harm you so much. He can get access to your all social networking accounts because in our smart phones we use social networking sites without any hesitation and never log out from that. If you also use the online banking through your iPhone, then the thief can get whole access to your bank accounts and make transaction for other accounts. By the way no one can be sure about he or she will never forget the iphone on any public place or the iPhone will not be stolen till whole life. So, be smart and take support of find my iPhone apps to prevent your iPhone from losing. There are few apps, which can help you in this:

Find my iPhone:

This is a wonderful application, which supports you to take help of another iPhone for finding you lost iPhone. This application works to display the location of you lost iPhone on the map and it also helps you in preventing whole valuable data from unwanted access. What you have to do is to make an account at and then download this application in your cell phone. By the way one thing you should know that your iPhone must be of iOS5 or above version to use this application. Now install the find my iPhone app in your iphone and then active it. Whenever your iphone will lose, you can find it through this application. You will be able to remotely deactivate whole social and financial accounts and then you can locate your phone easily through this app, if your phone is online. 


This is another app, works to discover the location of your missing phone. This application provides you location reports of your iPhone according to time and date. This application is integrates whole necessary data by sending messages to your lost device. This also allows you to captures the images of new owner of your phone. Off-course thief may try to delete this application from your device, but it will be impossible for him, if you will switch on the restriction on deleting app. You lost iPhone will be located in the map and then you can access it with the help of this application.

Device locator:

This application is also very supportive for finding the lost phone. It allows you to locate your missing iPhone. It takes images of thief and also plays an alarm on your device, when you reach at the located destination.

Above mentioned whole applications can be easily available at the iTunes app store of iPhone. If you are conscious about the safety of your iPhon or other iOs devices, then you must download one of these applications. Whenever your cell will be lost, you can apply the find my iPhone tool for finding your iPhone.

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