Download Videos And Flash Games Directly From Mozilla Browser

Mozilla is a very powerful browser that keeps up with the industry standards. So it’s best to switch to it to enjoy its features .mozilla games

The Mozilla has a great plugin by which you will able to download both videos in many formats as well as flash games from top sites like, etc . The name of Mozilla plugin is “Download Flash and Video” .

Videos also can be download directly from browser itself from many top video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Facebook, Metacafe etc .

There will be a status icon which you have to click to download .

There is another trick to download flash swf format games (you will need a little html knowledge for that)  , is that when you go to the flash game right-click in your browser and click page source than find swf file and click it . after clicking you should be redirected to directly flash game source than save page , so by this method you should be able to play most of the flash games in offline mode so no need to go online to play it because you saved it in your hard disk of computer.

I know that you will be thinking that you can easily find hundred of methods online to how to download a flash game but it is difficult for many to actually do it , that’s why its better to use the above mentioned Mozilla extension to do it easily for you.

The Mozilla is useful to all users including developers with firebug extensions , which makes it easy to develop any website .

There is one negative point in downloading these flash games is that you may not be able to submit your scores as you have played it in offline mode , yes there are some sites which offer you to download these games and submit scores after you played offline but some flash game sites does not allow that . its up to you that you want to play it online to preserve your internet bandwidth or not.

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