Blackberry: One Of The Best Security Providers

Yes this is true , the blackberry mobile phones are very secured when compared with well-known iPhone and android phones.infodevz

  • When email sent to your email via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) are very well encrypted so no way any intruder can bypass it , but possible in iPhone or android devices .
  • The blackberry apps are made in java virtual machine (JVM) which makes them secure like android which also uses JVM but android provide more interaction with other apps making android vulnerable.
  • The blackberry services runs on control environment , unlike there are many android apps that contains virus which may harm your device.
  • Blackberry has a Stable operating system that makes it less vulnerable.
  • President Barack Obama is using blackberry from long time , that can tell you how much trust it has got regarding security.
  • RIM(Research in Motion) is continuously focus on securing blackberry security.

the only competition is apple regarding security . iPhone also has very good security functions and it is as secure as blackberry , but you feel somewhat safer with storing your business related data in blackberry than in any other phone.

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