Best Android Messaging App and Its Facts

Android phones are getting more and more popular with each day, and there are a lot of companies competing for place around the top. All of this competition can only be good for users, as devices are getting more advanced, and affordable as well. Android is a very flexible OS, and a lot of programs can be written for this platform by a third party. This means that there are more apps available every day.

Carriers offer 24 month contracts for their users, and every month there is a limited number of minutes and texts that come with that. All Android phones come with a pre installed SMS application, but that may not be the Best Android Messaging App out there. The usual app that comes installed will allow the user to send and receive texts and pictures without problems. However, some users want more of the advanced options, and that is when the apps can be helpful. Best Android messaging apps are Textra, Google Hangouts, Viber and similar, but the most used one is WhatsApp.

best Android messaging app


What exactly makes WhatsApp the best Android messaging app in the world? Well, for start, the company is the most expensive Android app, by far. Recently, Facebook bought it for 19 billion dollars. This is the most used messaging around the world as well, with millions of users worldwide. The app is free for the first year of use, while it will be charged 0.99$ per year after this time period. To be able to chat with your friends, you just need a connection to the internet, but almost no data is used at all, which makes it a great option. Also, they need to install the app as well. There are many advantages that make WhatsApp the best Android messaging app.

  • Free to use, and can be installed on different platforms, including the main rivals, Android and IOS.
  • It is easy to send pictures and videos in this way.
  • A lot of features, such as group chat.
  • Different customization tools.

The only downside is, that you will need to convince other people to install the app, which is really not a big problem, as it can be easily found on the Android market. This can reduce your phone bill at the end of each month, by saving money on text charges. As far as the look goes, the app shows chat in bubbles with a time stamp. A user can see if his message has been delivered and read. There are many stuff that you can send through the app, including photos, videos and audio files. If you have some unwanted contacts, you can always block them, and you will not see them in the app. Another thing that makes WhatsApp the best Android messaging app in the world is the possibility of group chat. All members that are added to the group can receive and send messages and different files. It is a great way to communicate internationally, as no extra fee is being charged.

There are some apps that offer similar services as WhatsApp, but none of them offer the complete package. WhatsApp has established a huge number of users worldwide and is free of charge for the first year. This truly makes it the best Android messaging app in the world.

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