Best Android Calendar App and Its Features

Best Android Calendar App : Sunrise calendar

We all live in the modern era where life can get hectic, and it is easy to lose track of time. Android phones have become very popular worldwide, and they offer a lot of features which can help a person organize and be efficient. One of the apps that is being used the most is definitely the calendar app. There are a lot of apps available, the ones that come pre installed, and the ones that can be downloaded via Google Play, Android Market, or some third party. Users are often looking for advanced features that do not come with the device, and therefore, they need to know what is the best Android calendar app which would suit them the most. There are a lot of popular calendar apps, and some of them are Jorte, Sol Calendar, CalenMob, but the best Android calendar app, that offers most features is Sunrise Calendar.

Best Android Calendar App

Sunrise Calendar

Android phones come with a pre installed calendar app, which allows the basic users to schedule events, and put up reminders. So, what is exactly that makes Sunrise Calendar the best Android calendar app in the world? Well, one of the most important features is the ability to access the calendar, and make changes from the web. Cloud sync service is also provided. At the beginning, the users can select in which way they want to connect with this device. Some of the ways are via Google, Facebook or Email address. This app comes free of charge.


Sunrise allows more details to be entered every day, but still leaves a lot of available space with its minimalistic design. One of the biggest advantages of Sunrise is that it can be customized very easily. This user friendly interface is the reason many people call Sunrise Calendar the best android calendar app available. It is also available on multiple platforms, including IOS and Android. Among the things that can be customized are colors, themes, backgrounds, font sizes, and widgets.

It is easy to connect Sunrise Calendar with other accounts, and users can connect Sunrise with Google and Facebook as well. The default view shows the upcoming two weeks, and by swiping down, a full month layout is displayed. Under that layout, items are shown in a form of a list. A useful feature can be the weather forecast, which is shown for the next couple of days. Sunrise Calendar uses three day view, instead of a regular five day with most calendars. This may surprise a lot of users at the beginning, but in this way, more information can be shown about the specific dates, and this is a big advantage.

There are a lot of different icons that represent events. After some time, the user will become accustomed to them, and will know the meaning of specific icons, without even looking at the data. One of the problems with this app is that it does not have a search function, but the Sunrise team is working on installing this in one of the next updates.

All these things makes the sunrise app the Best Android Calendar App till today.

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