Apple Budget series Smartphones ??

We all know what are the quality of apple products but they are costly and not everyone can afford it ,so question arises that should Apple think of launching Apple Budget series Smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, lg etc.

It’s not necessary that it must be iPhone but any other smartphone by apple will do the world of good for both apple and smartphone users around the world.

Lets hope one day apple will understand this thing.

when you go around world you don’t see too many apple products in the hands of people and you wonder it’s a unique thing that not many have . it’s a good strategy by apple  they are getting success in it but should really consider making low value Smartphone . 

The factors due to which apple charging so much for iPhone are :

  • They are giving you very stable operating system not like android which slows down after a period of time .
  • Security point of view also iPhone is very strong ,  there is no option to install apps from third-party sources due to which it is safe . of course you can install from third-party if you have jailbreak it.
  • It’s a unique thing to buy with premium features.
  • Another thing I noticed that the apps quality of apple app store is way greater than android. Means the apps comes in more stable version.
  • If you have iPhone than you feel safer in keeping bank information in any app.
  • You will get regular operating system updates.

But then if you have all the money needed to buy this Smartphone than you should consider it first than any other smartphone

if you have any other ideas regarding this topic than please share with us.

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