3 Addictive iPhone Games

There are many apps in the Apple app store but some are must have games that you must try if you are a iPhone owner .

These games are :iphone games

1)      Angry Birds :

Every one knows this game and is the most addictive mobile game till date.It has many versions of it and all of them are equally addictive.so it’s a must have app for your smartphone.

2)      Cut the Rope :

This is second most addictive iPhone game . It is very simple to play and has nice graphics too.you need to feed a candy to a funny green color monster.

3)      Doodle jump :

It’s a motion sensing based game in which you have to tilt your iPhone left and right to move & tap to shoot.

There is one thing in common with these iPhone addictive games is that they are very simple to play and have nice graphics.

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