Windows 8 Security Features

Microsoft have applied various types of security mechanisms for its newest operating system windows here are the security applied by Microsoft.infodevz

  • Windows Defender :

This is the default security applied by Microsoft .windows defender starts after new O.S installed. It is good protection but if you are not satisfied with it than you can’t uninstall it. If you want to install another antivirus program than you should disable it .

  • Safe Boot :

With this feature  windows 8 will scan for boot sector virus, rootkit at the time of booting.

  • Picture Password :

Now you have to select a pic of your choice and then touch any three parts of that pic to make it as your password .

  • More Secure Wi-Fi :

Yes now the security of wi-fi is increased in windows 8.

you will feel better with these security features and should give it a try before it gets heavy on its price.

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