Windows 8 Public Response

Microsoft has released the newest version of windows which is Known as windows 8 . This new windows version is released after a gap of time but the Windows 8 Public response is very mixed . Some are just loving its tiles and some are having different types of problems with it.

The problems that currently users are facing are:

  • Screen Resolution problem for some users.
  • Games for windows live (GFWL) not working even after pressing Home key.
  • Some Software are not working like users not able to play movies on vlc.
  • When installing windows 8 you may by mistake grant several apps permission to know your location.

Features users are enjoying currently are :

  • Faster boot time than windows 7.
  • Laptop battery life increasing.
  • Performance improvement.
  • More visually better than win 7.
  • Gaming performance slightly better than win 7.

Microsoft is promising new updates to windows 8 in the coming future with many new apps. Microsoft also says that they have also focused on the user’s security aspects in windows 8 and this is O.S is more secure than its previous versions . New windows 8 come with faster and more responsive functions. Many were getting bored with the same android user interface and windows suddenly breakthrough with its cool new user interface which will run in all platforms including Smartphone, tablets, laptop, ultrabook. Same stunning tiles feature in all.

Make sure that you keep your windows auto update on because you don’t want to miss any exiting new windows update. Minimum requirements to run windows 8 on your system are 1 ghz processor, 1 GB ram, and 16 GB for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64-bit at least. Now you will think seeing these requirements that whether these are recommended specs for playing a game or what!!

But if you are still feeling that after installation your system is lagging or freezing than you can disable the windows graphics options or you can try other versions of O.S.

For gamers it is advisable that please check that your graphics card is supported by windows 8 or not do whatever you can do install drivers or anything but just be sure before switching to windows 8 because many users have reported that the games they played on windows 7 without a crash , those games are crashing on windows 8.

whatever is the Windows 8 Public response but Our take is that if you love windows 7 than stick to it for now because windows 8 has only some minor tweaks and better GUI ,also windows 8 will have compatibility with many software. So better stick with win 7 for now.


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