Turn Off Windows Backup

If you have less storage space in your hard disk than it is advisable to Turn Off Windows Backup scheduled in windows based operating systems.

Here are the steps to switch off database backup in windows based operating systems if you enabled it:

Go to

  • Control Panel System and Security Backup and Restore
  • Click Turn off schedule as shown in the picture.
  • Than click “manage space” in that “view backups”.
  • If there is any backup there delete it..

There is also an option to backup on external H.D.D so you can use it if you have one.

You don’t realize that how much disk space this windows options takes. suppose take an example of Lenovo laptop which has one key recovery feature and you have only 25gb on your d drive and you only left with c drive in which windows 7 is installed . What if you want to put your backup on d drive so that if c drive gets corrupted with operating system than you have another drive .  but he problem is that  you cannot really store your backup on d drive because it has only 25 gb.

With the new types backup software not only you can store backup on cloud storage but also they compress the size of backup so that it will be easier for your to restore it. There are many backup software available in the market and it will be good to invest in them and choose them according to your needs.  If you are a business individual than you should prefer Dropbox services to keep atleast backup of your important documents and files.

So that’s why it is advisable to specially turn off this feature.


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