Tips on getting windows 8 on a fresh new custom built desktop

After the launch of new windows 8 there are many opinions about whether  to go for it or not but the new fresh look of tiles in windows 8 attracted and forced many users to install it in their machines, But there are some problems to those who want to install it in their new custom built desktop. Than here are some tips to help those windows users who want to get windows 8 on a new custom built desktop:

  • Firstly please check that the hardware you are buying like motherboard is new and windows 8 supported.infodevz
  • The major problem to some users after getting windows 8 is that they are not getting there hardware drivers by their manufacturers, so before buying any hardware please search it on Google.
  • If already have a windows copy than download an upgrade assistant that will help you to upgrade to windows 8.
  • If you are upgrading using upgrade assistant than all your previous Windows settings, personal files, and apps etc will come to windows 8 automatically.
  • Always backup your previous version of windows before upgrading to windows 8.

 Along with these tips you should also go for a touch screen monitor if you really want to get full windows 8 experience. Don’t get confused between upgrade version and full version of windows 8.

If you have old version of windows like xp or windows 7 than purchase upgrade version which is cheaper than full version of windows 8,and if you do have any previous version of windows than you have to buy full version known as pro or standard.

If you buy a new system for windows 8 than you always have to remember these points and also that you should try to buy recommended hardware not minimum requirement hardware because you should buy things keeping in mind the future updates should support the hardware.


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