Simple Tips To Increase Your PC Speed

There are many tutorials around the internet about this topic but here are our recommendations of how you can increase your pc speed


  • Firstly whatever Antivirus you have scan your whole pc with it.
  • Secondly install CCleaner and clean history and registry with it.
  • Than install Hitman pro by surfright , scan with it ,hardly takes less than 10 min to scan with it.
  • Also check your msconfig for any suspicious startup entry.Check carefully that only those programs should be marked that are recommended for startup like your sound driver, graphics driver etc. if you find any startup entry suspicious just Google about it so you will know to unmark that entry or not.
  • Upto this time your pc must be in good position but if it’s not than do what other experts says Defrag your pc.
  • You can also use ‘Auslogics Disk Defrag’ .
  • Always keep empty your recycle bin, this is the quickest step.

We leave in fast-moving world so we don’t want that our pc gets us slow down so these above tips will be very helpful.

Perform these steps and your pc should be fine and keep performing these steps on monthly basis if not on weekly.

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