App store for windows 7

app storeSeveral months have been for passed since the launching of windows 8 operating system, but still many people prefer to use only windows 7. Reason may be better compatibility with windows 7 version of windows or less knowledge about windows 8 operating system. Many windows users are not thinking to switch their computer’s operating system towards new version. If you are also one of them, but also want to use the app store in the window 7 PC, then you should know about the process of getting it. Off course, it is possible to have the application stores in windows 7 just like the windows 8 operating system. Here I am giving you some simple suggestions to download and use the application stores for windows operating system’s old versions:

Get AllMyApps for bringing app store in windows 7 PC:

AllMyApps is working from a very long time as the app store. This is an application store, contains various incredible apps and programs. Off-course this is a program, which you will need to download in your windows7 PC to run it. Procedure is simple, just go to the official web page of AllMyApps and then search for downloading it. Once you have got it, and then install it in your system. To run it on your windows7 computer you will need to create an account in this app store. Once you have done that, then you can search for unlimited applications and programs to run on your computer. All the necessary functions will be shown in the left side’s menu bar. You can choose the desired operation there and then do further action according to your need.


This is another wonderful approach to have app store for windows7 operating system. For sure it is quite different from AllMyApps, but it is your effective supporter for downloading and running all your required applications. Once you will download it, you will get direct access for downloads of all necessary applications in your computer. This will also routinely update and download new versions of your computer’s running apps. Thus it becomes too easy to operate any application on the system with the help of Ninite.

Softonic for windows:

This is quite new way of managing and downloading new applications in Windows7 PC. Hence softonic is a big application store for mobile phones, now it has also started services as windows application store to provide incredible applications to windows7 users. First of all you need to download this program like others and then install it in your computer. Once you have started it, it runs smoothly without showing any frustrating notification on the desktop. It offers you plenty of applications and keeps you system’s already running applications updated. It is very easy to use and it has numerous windows7 compatible apps in its library.

Above given all three programs support you to bring the application store in windows7 PC and enjoy the services of application same like windows8 PC. If you want to be stick with windows7 and also want to have app store in your computer, then simply apply any one of above given methods.

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