Tethering iPhone to laptop and with multiple devices

Modern life can be very fast, and rarely we have the opportunity to stop, and just relax for a second. However, there are many devices that can help us save some time and energy. One of the most important discoveries ever was the internet. Now, it is easy to share data with everyone in the world in just a few seconds. Mobile phones have now become so advanced, that people can use them for business purposes, and web browsing at high speed. Modern user wants to be able to access the internet in all places, and at any time. This can be tough Existing sometimes, because devices such as laptops and computers need hotspots to connect to the internet. That is when tethering iPhone to laptop come into play.

Tethering iPhone

What exactly is tethering?

Although Wi-Fi hotspots are everywhere nowadays, there are still some areas that lack coverage. Mobile phones, like iPhones, for example, have a much larger Internet coverage. They can be connected to multiple devices in many ways. Because of this, users can enjoy internet everywhere by simply tethering iPhone to a laptop, or any other device. In this way, the iPhone internet data is shared and used by an other connected device. Some carriers charge extra fee for this service, while some others allow it to be used free of charge.

iPhone tethering can be used in a few ways.

  • Through the selected carrier. You first need to update the iOS to the latest version. This will enable all of the latest security features. Some carriers can charge extra for tethering iPhone with other devices. If this is the case, evaluate just how much the internet is important to you, and be aware that you will need to pay extra fee. In the settings menu, select to enable personal hotspot. Set up password to secure your connection. You can also select to go through USB cable if you want to. When you are done, shut down the hotspot, as this will help you save your data.
  • By jailbreaking your iPhone. This is not the recommended way, and if you do this, your device can be suspended from service. After the jailbreak it is necessary to install some tethering apps. The most Known apps are Pda-Net and TetherMe. Both of these are paid apps, and tethering iPhone to laptop in this way will cost some money. Pda-Net has a trial version, which can help users to determine whether their devices can be connected in this way, before buying it.
  • Using carrier with a MOFI3500-3GN router. No jailbreak is required, but for the best results it is recommended to update to the latest iOS. You will need to turn on the router after booting is complete and approve USB iPhone tethering. Then turn off the router for five seconds, and then on again. In this way, you will be connected.

Tethering iPhone to other devices via USB will be the best for battery life. In case you decide to jailbreak your phone, you will lose the warranty completely. It is possible to make phone calls when using 3g and 4g network, but with 2g, the session will be stopped.

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