Android Apps That Will Give You Advantage over Iphone


android appsThese Apps give you advantage over iPhone ,so just check it:

Google Voice:

This is available for both android and ios but it is lot more better for android ,google voice version of ios is not so good.


Tasker is a very popular android app . Automate everything from settings to photos, SMS to speech. In ios,Tasker app is there for iPhone but not same as of like android.

Google Maps:

Google Maps on android has much more functionality than what google maps has for iPhone.

Home launchers:

With home launchers that android has any android smartphone can change its home screen unlike iPhone which has few customizations when it comes to home screen.

SwiftKey X:

It helps to judge much better typing predictions on android devices.its not available for iPhone.


You will find -many antivirus apps from android market from free. You will hardly find any in Apple app store.

There are also many other apps like ConnectBot, Google My Tracks, Transdroid not on ios.

These were major apps that give android added advantages. Apart from apps google app store is much better than iTunes because you can see many pics and videos of the app you are about to download .

Also whatever app you see on itunes are almost all available for android.

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