Whats My Ip ??

Have you ever got a question in your mind that Whats my ip ??

What is an IP address?

Whats my ip

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the methodology or protocol by that data is distributed from one pc to a different on the web. Every pc connected to the web includes a distinctive public address referred to as IP address.

Why does my IP address change?

There are two types of ip address that we all use generally i.e static and dynamic ip address. The static ip address always remains same but dynamic always changes after we restart our modem every time .

How to Find the IP Address of Your PC

When your computer is connected to a network, it’s allotted an address on the network known as IP address. If the computer is connected to a network further, then the computer can have an IP address that marks its location on the native network.


Follow these ways to find out your pc IP –


Methods to find IP:

  1. Finding Public IP, Using A Search Engine
  • Open Bing or Google, these 2 search engines can enable you to quickly realize your external, or public, IP address. This is often the address of your router or electronic equipment that may be seen by the remainder of the web. Type (write) IP address into the Search field. Press Enter. This search command will show your public information protocol (IP) address. It works on Google, Bing, Ask, & many different search engines, however doesn’t work with Yahoo.
  • Your public IP addresses also are displayed at the top of the search results, typically in its own box. In Ask search engine, it is located in the More Answers section box.
  • Your public information protocol address is four teams of up to a few numbers, separated by periods. For Exp, it does seem like
  • This information protocol address is allotted to you by your net service supplier. Most external information protocol addresses measure dynamic, that they change from time to time. These addresses are often covert mistreatment proxies.
  1. How To Find IP Address On A Mac

For Mac users, the question of a way to realize my information protocol (IP) address are often answered by opening up your Terminal program, and typing ”ifconfig” at the prompt. (Terminal could be a program that comes free and put in by default each Macintosh, and is found in Applications, below the Utilities folder.)


  1. How To Find IP Address On A PC

First, click the beginning start Menu, and choose Run. Next, type ”cmd” into the box and click on the ”OK” button. Finally, at the prompt, just type ”ipconfig” and data regarding your IP Address are displayed.

  1. How To Find IP Address On Linux

Find my IP address on Linux? On a Linux system, you can see information protocol address by typing ”ifconfig” at the prompt, that will show output data, regarding information Protocol (IP) Address.

please do share your method to find your ip , so that when someone comes here with same question that whats my ip or whats the easy method to find it , we will be able to help them .

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