Smartphone Apps That May Save You From Any Disaster

Have you ever thought that how much helpful is your Smartphone in any emergency situations,Whether it is an earthquake or you get lost in an unknown place.So here are the must have Smartphone Apps That May Save You From Any Disaster :infodevz

  • Google Maps: We all know what this app does and needs no explanation.(available for all major mobile platforms for free)
  • Silent Bodyguard Pro: This app is a secret panic button which will send an SOS sms and your location tracker to your loved ones so that they can track you wherever you are without alerting an onlooker or an attacker.(available for IOS & blackberry only)
  • Earthquake Alert! : You can see the Magnitude 1.0 and higher earthquakes from all over the World with this app.(available for android).

Apart from these apps you should also have “extended battery cases” so that you can get extended battery for your Smartphone.

You never know that what kind of emergency strikes so it’s better to take advantages of the technologies we have to be on top of these disasters. Suppose you are running a large business and any emergency situations comes , so in that condition you want to inform all your employees as fast as you can. Well you can use alert apps in that situation.

You can install the compass app that comes pre-installed on many Smartphone, you will never get lost if you have it. One more important thing to remember during any disaster is that you should always be in touch with your family so there are apps like “Life360 family locater” which will also help you to send your location coordinates making your family to reach you.

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