Mac Os 10.9.4 Issues And Its Solutions

mac os issues

Mac OS 10.9.4 is now on the web and is ready for download. This new update promises to fix certain issues associated with the previous versions. Those issues include an issue which prevents some Mac devices from getting automatically connected to all recognized Wi-Fi networks. It also helps in fixing an issue that causes either the Apple logo or the background to look incorrectly on the startup. It also enhances the reliability of waking from sleep.

Despite the ability of Mac OS 10.9.4 to fix certain issues, this update is also linked to some issues that Mac users have experienced right from the time they install this update. Here are some of the reported issues related to Mac OS 10.9.4 and the best solutions to use when dealing with these issues.

Issue #1 – No Internet Connection

One Mac user said that he downloaded and installed Mac OS 10.9.4 on his Macbook Air. After the installation of the update, he tried to connect the device to the internet but failed. That scenario became a big problem for him. He inspected everything as he found out that the wireless router connects without problems on the WPA2 personal but the network connection just alerts him that his gadget is connected to the internet.

The Solution:

If you encounter this problem too, you may follow these steps:

  • Press the alt tab and click on the Wi-Fi icon in the Menu Bar. Find the option “Open Wireless Diagnostics” and hit that.
  • You may use either the “monitor mode”, or just click “summary”.

Issue #2 – Mac OS 10.9.4 Won’t Install on the Restart

Another Mac user downloaded Mac OS 10.9.4 on his device and he started to follow the instructions provided. To complete the installation process, his laptop needs to reboot but unfortunately, his attempt turned into failure. When he restarted the device, a message popped up in the screen saying that the update download has been corrupted and is required to be re-downloaded. He tried for the second time but he still got the same result.

The Solution:

For this particular issue, you can follow the given instructions in this link.

Issue #3 – Second Display Issue with Mac OS 10.9.4

After the installation of this update, one of Mac users said that his second display stopped working and it doesn’t detect the external display at all. He tried downloading the Combo update but it does not solve his problem.

The Solution:

For Mac users who experience some sort of problem like this, they can try SMC then PRAM reset.

Issue #4 – Face Time Does Not Work on MAC OS 10.9.4

There are Mac users who complained that after they downloaded and installed the newest MAC OS 10.9.4, they found their Face Time failing to work after the installation. Their Face Time does not connect with outgoing and ingoing calls. They tried solving the issue alone with various strategies with hope to get the problem solved in an instant but everything turned useless.

The Solution:

The best solution for this problem is to completely disable the “little snitch” or better to remove it. After doing it, try to use Face Time.

So these are the issues involved in the installation of MAC OS 10.9.4 and the corresponding solutions for them. If you encounter any other problem with your Mac after installing this update, you may seek help from the Apple forum section.

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