Find your iphone Backup File Created By iTunes On Your Windows 8

Ever wanted to find where is your iPhone backup file saved by iTunes in your Windows 8?

Well the paths to your backup file are located in the disk drive where your O.S is installed

In windows 8 it’s under the :

Users>USERNAME>AppData>Roaming>Apple Computer>MobileSync>Backup

iTunes by default chooses the above location to save backup.You may have to enable option “show hidden files and folders” in windows 8 located under the “Appearance and personalization”.itunes backup

Some users have reported that they are still not able to find that backup file so you can try to delete your latest photos that you have taken recently and then synch again may be this trick works as it worked for many.

If you still not able to find out that backup than download “Wondershare Dr.Fone” , now what it does is that it extracts all your iPhone backup contents and then you can use it conveniently according to you in a very simple way.wondershare is making very trusted and easy to use software’s like this.

You should always keep backup files on another drive too so that if you format your pc you will still have those important iPhone backup containing your apps, contacts etc and by this way you will be on top of any disastrous situations .

It’s also better to keep your iTunes backup saved on another place like usb or dvd , because you don’t want that frustration of firstly loosing all your contacts  and apps that you have downloaded plus your apps settings. You can also trust cloud storage services for your backup file.

Its better to use any recovery software to restore data back to iPhone , you can use the same wondershare software told above to recover data also. So just don’t worry and remember the above points to keep your iPhone data safe.

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