Discover the Hidden Features with the New iOS 8 Release

find my iphoneApple just released its brand new operating system designed for both iPad and iPhone and it has been named iOS 8. While there are various features like the settings & organization for group messaging, smarter keyboards and a lot more, still there are a handful of extraordinary features you may not be aware of yet. So here is a list of the leading 15 hidden features that you have to know about iOS 8:

  1. Send the last site to Apple prior the battery dies – with iOS 8 release, a new feature has been added and this will let your device send its lastly recognized site to Apple before the gadget‘s battery reaches its seriously low level. iCloud recently holds this detail within 24 hours yet this new setting would permit Apple to access the location information for any misplaced device for a long period of time.
  2. Recognize songs – Siri now comes with the latest operating system of Apple. When you like to know what particular song is currently played by your device, you just have to open Siri then you ask “What’s the title of the currently playing song?” and the siri would heed and halt the album and song for you. There’s also an option to purchase from iTunes if the song is available there.
  3. Credit card scanner – In Safari for this new OS, you are allowed to scan the credit card you use when you make a purchase. No more need to type the numbers.
  4. Hide videos or photos – you can now hide any image or video in your device’s camera app. By simply holding your finger on the image, the options menu will open on the screen popping up whether you wish the file to be hidden or not. Using this feature will help you keep any image or video invisible in your Years view and Moments Collections but the hidden media file would still be seen in the albums.
  5. View the app use to battery life – with iOS 8 release, you can now view and identify how much percentage of your battery’s charge is used by your apps. You could see this in the settings of your phone.
  6. Voice activation – when your hands are not free but you require Siri, just say “hey Siri” as your device is currently plugged in and Siri will be activated. This particular feature will let all users to provide hands-free commands.
  7. Download through Siri – users could ask Siri so that you can download any app from the App Store that would initiate a search in the App Store.
  8. Photo recovery – iOS 8 today will allow you to recover those photos that were accidentally deleted. With iOS 8 release, any photo can be retrieved through tapping on the garbage can icon in your camera app. By tapping that, there will be a menu that will pop up, letting you to recover any deleted photo or delete that for good.
  9. Desktop sites designed for Safari – instead of visiting a webpage mobile website, you may ask the desktop site to pop up when you are visiting any site.
  10. Delete albums – in the past OS of Apple, you can only erase the songs one at a time. Thanks to iOS 8 release. Today, the new iOS8 comes with a swipe to erase feature that allows you to get rid of those albums you don’t want to have on your device already.
  11. Instant photo access in the messages – if you want to add a new photo, here is a new feature which will let you display your new photos, eliminating the need for opening your camera app.
  12. Weather updated – Apple chose to make use of the weather data from The Weather Channel. You may also get a longer and more comprehensive weather forecast every day.
  13. Pictures to Notes – you can add images to your notes. Simply hold down in the Notes app then the menu will appear, coming up a new option which is to “insert photo”.
  14. Notification of the background location use – with iOS 8 release, users would be informed if an app uses your location in its background. It would also provide you the choice to permit or not permit it.
  15. Gray scale mode – it changes the whole OS into its gray edition within the Accessibility menu.

so these were the new ios 8 release hidden features that we know , please share more features if you know and we will be happy to read them .


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