Data Recovery Software To Watch Out For

Recently we solved one of our member’s problem that by mistake he pulled out pen drive without rejecting from laptop due to which the data on pen drive got corrupted. so he needed to retrieve corrupted and deleted data so we advised him to use ReclaiMe File Recovery . Now he got his data back which got corrupted.

Features of Choose ReclaiMe File Recovery Are :

·Easy user friendly user interface

·You can even preview your recovered data at the time of software recovering data.

·Available for all major platforms like mac , windows , linux , nas etc.

·It has many licensed version to choose from.

·Regularly updating with latest system trends.

As you can see there are many features also you can check screenshot how it actually works ..

When you purchase you will get license delivery via email , and you will get 30 days money back gurantee .payment methods are visa,PayPal,MasterCard,amex etc.

With this piece of software you can recover photos , deleted file , data from usb ,data from hard drive , revocer xfs etc.

In the end I would like to tell that it’s a must have recovery sotware to watch out for .ReclaiMe-tutorial-step-1



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