Advantages Of Windows Smartphone

Yes after much of android and ios user will now have a taste of windows O.S on Smartphone.

So the various advantages of windows Smartphone are:infodevz

  • The biggest of advantages is that windows phone can be connected with windows 8 or 7 O.S .Means you can easily transfer and synch your data between your phone and pc.
  • New app store of windows, quality will be good of apps and games.
  • New tiles introduced on windows 8 are for pc, tablets & Smartphone gives everyone new look and easy to customizable options.
  • The user interface is very different from android or IOS , it gives fresh look.
  • ¬†Easily synch with windows and mac O.S.
  • We already seen pure view technology with Nokia 41 megapixel phone , soon Nokia will join its pure view technology with lumia series windows phone than Samsung will be defeated in their camera.
  • ¬†Windows phone have Xbox integration , means you can be connected with video games,media centers etc.
  • Also windows based smartphone increases battery life ,unlike android based phone where battery backup is always a problem.
  • Many budget series smartphone will come under windows O.S.

These were the advantages of why you should try windows smartphone. windows earlier updates like 7.8 having some bugs but those are all sorted out by windows 8 O.S .

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