Nokia Says Goodbye To Symbian O.S

Yes its true that the Nokia says goodbye to its most loved Symbian O.S which will be not be implemented on any Nokia phone because after much competition from many other smartphone brands like Samsung, iPhone Nokia finally said goodbye to its O.S .

There was a time when Symbian O.S rules over every single phone in the market , but with evolution of android the infodevzwhole story changed drastically and Nokia had to partnership with Microsoft which brought Nokia again in the competition with lumia series smartphone.

One thing was sure that the user experience was very good with all the Symbian phone ,  even if Symbian is no more now but It will be always remembered as resource friendly means it does not take extra resources for camera and other hardware , look at todays smartphones they have a crappy battery life and camera also sucks , compare any best smartphone camera with Nokia 808 pureview and you will know the difference.But I am sure that Nokia is still doing the development of Symbian O.S and will bring it back someday.

So these are the tips from us to Nokia to bring there Symbian O.S back to life because we all love Symbian :

  • Symbian phone camera is already a king among all others , so Nokia can combine lumia camera technology to make an unbeatable camera phone.
  • Bring lumia touchscreen experience in Symbian phone.
  • Redesign completely new Symbian interface.
  • Symbian already had millions of apps so go hard in developing more quality apps.

Nokia has very good apps like Nokia ovi store , offline maps , themes etc. it was only the combination of touchscreen and new user interface among other Smartphone that destroyed the Symbian presence , so our advice to Nokia is that they already have technology for touchscreen so they should counter.

Blackberry launched new operating system with unique features and new interface because they were also in the same kind of situation like Symbian but not now anymore.

Nokia famous phone purview 808 was last Nokia phone with Symbian O.S.

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