PS4 Specs For Gamers

welcome to the second part of exploring the ps4 specs.

PS4 is an Advanced version of PS3: in PS3 Sony covers 3 dimensions of the aspects in the axis (x,y,z).

Result of which gaming controls and option are vibrant to user and presented on the high definition graphics card extension up to the 4 GB which support high resolution in the pixels (1024*1038).

Above them all, PS4 is eighth generation gaming programmable device. Supports high configured console output and the operating system platform based on (ORBIS).

In PS4 gaming console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment we are in the position to explore the game socially, with the high level of graphics present Semi-custom AMD Radeon GPU (integrated into APU) end user will access the all possible pixel capture into the mainframe of the storage consoling device.

Some are the technical aspects which make PS4 more user interactive .

ps4 specs

Some are the social features also available in PS4 specs:

Since it supports both the technology wifi and Bluetooth, the one who want to play the game in the group can setup a LAN (Local area network) or WAN (wide area network). And share the connected lan over the live streaming by using PS Camera.

An inbuilt microphone available in the PS4 helping out the user for give some command over the live streaming game playing facility , which makes the gaming, surrounds more realistic virtual artificial environment.

Some are the companion devices are available which use to make PS4 world most realistic environment gaming surround. Includes the package of Xbox Smart Glass. Make the vision in the 3 different coordinates and make it up to the user for different features creation while playing virtual game socially across the world.

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