Print Screen Not Working While Playing Pc Game?

If you want to make a screenshot of the PC game you are playing than you will press print-screen button simply, but sometimes this method does not work.

 So to make sure that print screen function works correctly while playing a pc game perform these necessary steps:infodevz

  • Go to your desktop and right click the icon of your pc game of which you want to take screenshots while playing that game.
  • After right click choose “go to properties”.
  • Than go to the compatibility tab.
  • Then tick the “Disable Desktop Composition”.
  • Click save and then ok.
  • If this does not work than restart your pc sometimes it may be a hardware problem.
  • If you use laptop than press Fn key (function key) to use the functionality of print screen.

This way you will get no problems with print screen function of windows. You can use software named as “fraps” that is used by many gamers but for that you should have a good pc. If you don’t have a strong pc you can use print function.

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