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PC Games have become more and more realistic with every year. We all are so attracted towards playing Super Mario in olden days and as we play new pc games year by year the quality of gaming getting increasing .So questions arises that which are the best in graphics quality which give them realistic feels.

So here is our list of PC Games with Realistic Graphics Till Mid 2012

1). Grand Theft Auto IV

We will agree to that Grand Theft Auto IV is the best so far because the level of detailing put in to make whole city is very commendable.

 2). Crysis 2

 With the power of CryEngine3 the Crysis 2 has shown the world what is realistic game is all about.

3).Battlefield 3

Best ever looking war game till date.Specially that tank mission was just too realistic.

4). Mass Effect 3

This game puts you in the future battle among galaxies, top realistic graphics and emotional ending.

5). Resident Evil 5

It’s a hell of a ride that these games give to its gamers; colors are very brightly used to give a horror element. During the 80’s, we don’t have all the modern graphical technology that we have today to represent gaming in a realistic way. The trend of pc gaming gets increased with new real looking games introduced with peripherals like Joysticks.

Invention of Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on pc gaming industry, you know why this is????this is because all the realistic games are based on artificial intelligence like for example if you go right side of your enemy in the game he will look at you continuously  and follow you because he is programmed with artificial intelligence which means a computer side player can take its own decision.

The amount of realism is so much that you feel that you are actually living it , games like mass effect 3 makes you emotional with its ending and it’s actually fells like you are the only person who can save earth.

There are driving simulator consoles made using today’s gaming technology to teach how to drive a car without actually be on the road or even simulators made for astronauts to give them artificial feeling before actually going to space.

We know after seeing the list you will imagine many games missing in this, but we have to choose the best so we picked these.

 Please reply with what will be your Realistic pc games list and we will be glad to read it.


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