GTA 5 Official Trailer Released

The famous GTA is back with its new installment with GTA 5 ,it has been predicted that it will be bigger and better than before.

  • Graphics will be great better than before.infodevz
  • New world will be bigger now.
  • Level of realism will be unique.
  • Voice acting will be of real quality.
  • More customizable weapons.
  • As always new types of cars.

There is not any confirmation till today on when this game will be released but it is expected to be released till spring 2013.

previously we have seen in gta 4 there is new way of typing cheats . there is a mobile in which when you type cheat it stores and than you don’t have to type same cheat again . so this will be interesting to see that what new way of inserting cheat will be introduced.

its really impossible to think gta without cheat codes.

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