Exploring the PS4 Specs: Is it a Bright New Day in Gaming?

In today’s gaming world the PlayStation is most gamers dream. So when the newly upgraded ps4 became available millions jumped on the opportunity to have one in their home. However the question now is did the ps4 live up to everyone’s expectations? The ps4 specs make it sound great and many looked forward to the system. But lets take a look at them ourselves:

 PS4 Specs:

For most gamers the memory of the game is almost as important as the compatibility and processor of the game itself.


Memory: 8GB GDDR5 System Memory: 256-bit System Memory bandwidth: 176 GBS Frequency: 5500 MHz Mass: 2.8 KG

However the BD/DVD drive are read only which means they only do playback. Blue ray, and dvd. There is no sound or audio on the CD player.

Dual Shock 4:

The storage size is must larger than its former PS3 console, and its hard drive is user removable great for upgrading – 500GB

While the memory is much larger we should see how the rest of the console stacks up. For instance the ps4 is not user compatible with all the ps3 games however there are a few PS3 peripherals. And with the PS4 you have a camera that is connected this time instead of buying on separately like the PS3.

For those of you who are wondering if the system is worth testing out, after the PS4 specs you have seen this new upgrade is well worth it. It gives you a lot for your money and any serious gamer can appreciate it’s 500GB of storage.

For many gamers the PS4 is a much better console than any of the previous ones. Providing gamers with a great gaming experience. And if you like Stereo sound when you are playing your stereo headsets can be plugged into your controller instead of the system giving you much more range to play and listen. It is also bluetooth compatible.

While the pricing was better for the PS4 than the Xbox on opening it was actually $150.00 difference many still rushed out to purchase the systems. The PS4 was amazingly more affordable than the xbox and had incredible hardware and by far more memory something all gamers appreciate. The ps4 has a radeon 7870 derived GPU with 18 CU instead of the Xbox one’s 12 CU. A great added touch is the user removable hard drive allowing serious gamers to upgrade the system later.

In the end the PS4 is a much more sophisticated system that is cheaper, more productive, and has upgraded its technology to meet the needs of its fellow users. For those of you who are interested in the ultimate gaming experience just review the ps4 specs for yourself. You will find that it is a console you have dreamed of, and one that can keep up with your gaming pace.

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