Destiny Codes List for PS3 and PS4

destiny codes

Destiny codes, cheat codes, Easter eggs, hints, guides, glitches, and more for PS3 and PS4 are all available online. Download destiny codes and dominate the in-game. You can use Destiny codes to unlock levels and characters customization. There are also treading cards available, which you can use to start playing Destiny with a few extra options. Cheat codes of Destiny have appeared earlier in 2013 before the actual game was released to allow avid PS3 and PS4 players to unlock cards, shaders, and emblems awaiting them when they turn Destiny on.

Here is some of the Destiny codes released prior to the release of the game and determine the things you can do with them once you enter these codes online.

  • Shaders – Shaders codes allows you to unlock the customization feature of your character in the game such as the gear color for a new and refreshed look.
  • Emblems – Emblem codes offer you new emblems to use in your Guardian.
  • Destiny Grimore Cards – These are collectible cards which you can use to fill the details about the story of the PS3/PS4/Xbox game, destiny. Overall, you 25 Destiny codes to enter and to unlock all the features of the game on PlayStation or Xbox.

destiny codes must be redeemed online. Once you have redeemed the codes, the items will automatically appear in the game for you to use. Here are the 25 Destiny codes list for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox360.

destiny codes

In order to use these codes, you have to sign up with your PlayStation Network account with your username and password, so the items will appear to your account. In the event that you have entered some of the codes and confused which among these codes are not yet entered, you can renter all the codes without any problem.

Trying to enter these 25 Destiny codes manually can be a real pain, so it is recommended that you use a script that run on Chrome to enter all these codes with ease. This Reddit user scrip allows you to extract all Destiny codes without copy and paste. When you redeem the codes at the Destiny Code redemption page in Chrome, simply press Ctrl+Shift+J and then paste the codes you extract from the Reddict and claim the codes by pressing “Enter” key on your keyboard. If you use Mac, just got to View – to Developer Options – to JavaScript Console and get the codes from Reddit and press ‘Enter’.

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