Confused About whether to Buy PS4 or Not?

Are you thinking of buying PS4 but thinking that instead, you should wait for PS5 which is rumored to be released around soon?

Well according to my prediction, you should go ahead and buy your PS4 and don’t wait a sec because it may be released around 2019. Yes, you heard it right, according to our prediction it will not be released in 2-3 years from now.

PS4 has so many exclusive games and apps that you can enjoy much better than your PS3.

Features of PS4 are:

  • Having apps like Netflix will give you the ability to watch all the latest stuff and media around the world right from your tv or computer screen without having to buy an additional gadget that will cost so many bucks.
  • play while you download the game is the best feature available in your ps4. What play as you download means is that when you buy a game from the psn store it will start downloading the game to a certain extent after that you can play the game while the rest of the game will finish downloading in the background of the game with ease.
  • Another great new feature in ps4 is that you can attach your earphone directly to your controller. Yes you heard it right, this is one of the most waited and wanted a feature that has come.
  • Much higher graphics can be seen in the games are ps4 has so much power with its processor.

So what more reasons you need to buy your ps4. It is the best gaming machine right now available in 2017. The chances are that it is easily much higher powerful machine than your PC regarding playing the games.

So please don’t wait and rush to your nearest sony store or order online whatever you want just go and don’t wait for ps4 to come.

Happy Gaming 🙂

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