Why is the candy crush application so good?

candy crush

Candy Crush is one of the most trending games in the virtual world. This free to play puzzle game is played by approximately 100 million users every day. The game’s success has resulted in the company behind the game King Digital Entertainment filing for an initial public offering of upto $500 million.

So what is it about the game that makes people set aside their work and studies to play this game? Joshua Topolsky, Editor in Chief of The Verge believes the game has got an engrossing simplicity. Several gamers  have tried to analyze the reasons for the addictive nature of this game. Here are the 4 reasons why Candy Crush application is so irresistible

     You can multi task

The game icons and interface have been made in a way to allow multi tasking. You can play Candy Crush while  eating or hiding your phone under the table in a meeting or a lecture. This makes the game a perfect distraction while you’re waiting for someone, when you are taking public transport or attending meetings.

     It forces you to take a break

The game has five lives, five chances to line up the requisite number of candy icons. Once you run out of lives, you have to wait in 30-minute increments to continue play. Unless you’re impatient,  then you can pay to get back in the game. Degner Palmar says, “It’s much better from an entertainment point of view to create a more balanced experience where you have natural breaks.”

     Positive reinforcement

Once you click four candies in a row, they zap away and the candies begin to cascade down making even more matches. This is accompanied by a voice that says “sweet” or “delicious” which psychologists agree is the key for player immersion.

     Right level of challenge

This game appeals to both, the beginners and the experienced with an ascending level of difficulty. It enhances visual and manual dexterity, enhancing overall cognition skills.

So how popular is the game?

Candy Crush has been played 151 billion times since it launched as an app on mobile devices in 2012. It is the first game ever to be No.1 on iOS,  Android and Facebook at the same time.  In 2013, Candy Crush was the top earning title on any mobile platform according to mobile app analytics firm Distimo. The game has a global research. For instance, the facebook version of the game Candy Crush Saga is particularly popular in Hong Kong and is reportedly played by one in seven people in Hong Kong.

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