Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Game

FOOTBALL- A Game that has undoubtedly and certainly billions of fans and followers around the world is a fact to ponder over. Why such a massive fan following?

Keep thinking, you would probably be struck with a lot of reasons that why people go gaga over this game.

FIFA has kept on escalating the level of entertainment by organizing FIFA world cup every 4 years. The extravaganza has arrived yet again with the 20th FIFA World Cup 2014 just around the corner that is to take place in Brazil scheduled from 12th June to 13th July 2014. Brazil has lit up in all its glamor for the mega event with the stadiums up for the real war. Alongside Brazil there will be national teams of 31 countries participating for the Throne.

The news about FIFA world cup is catching fire tremendously everywhere, in every corner of this world. KUDOS, to the media, social network and humongous popularity of this game that has added fuel to the fire and has surrounded the stage of FIFA world cup with flames of hope, zeal and vivacity.fifa 2014

Talking about preparedness of the stadiums, there is a lot to boast about the infrastructure, ambiance, capacity etc. that serves as an exemplary for football stadiums with Rio having the capacity of 76,935 being the largest as after being renovated. Rio also holds the record for the highest attendance for FIFA WC finals match which was 199,854. Division of 8 Groups with 4 teams in each is made where Spain and Netherlands, Germany and Portugal are kept in the Group B and Group G respectively.

Grabbing the attention are the recently included technologies for this world cup which are Goal-Line Technology and Vanishing Spray. For the first-time at world cup, goal-line technology will be used by the officials for a better outcome. Last world cup witnessed a wrongly denied goal of England which they scored against Germany in their Round of 16th tie. Keep your hopes up because this time you will not returned disheartened. On the other hand vanishing spray will help to mark the 10-Yard line for the defending team during a free kick. This water based spray disappears within a minute.

So, this summer pull your socks up, fold your sleeves for one of the biggest and most awaited tournament. Scribble the grey matter and imagine beforehand the intensity of excitement, thrill, venture and enthusiasm that will take you on an awe-inspiring journey.

Get ready for the real war, where terms like nail-biting, breath-taking, pulsating, cold-wars, heated conversations will be used before, during and after the matches. The energy and the adrenaline rush of fans will also be something to look for.

So, if you cannot go and tastes the live fight then do yourself one favor sit back, relax and play Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Game– the Brazilian Style.

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